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The cosmetic lens industry, with an 800 million dollar market, has experienced little innovation in the past 25 years — until now. Leo Lens Technology has broken that trend, revolutionizing the development and design of cosmetic lenses with our proprietary digital printing technology.

Our technology and process integrates seamlessly to existing manufacturing processes. The result is cost-effective, customizable, vibrant and true-to-life colored lenses that are as unique as the people who wear them.

The Problem

Current Pad Printing Technology

“Same old technology”

Semi-automated process

Simulated iris image gives unnatural look

Limited color choice and patterns

Low productivity due to high down time between batches

High product variability in process and color

Transfer and contact printing leads to inconsistent quality

Not customizable

The Leo Lens Solution

Leo Lens’ Technology Solution

Digital inkjet printing

High speed, automated process

Digital image of actual iris gives natural look

Unlimited colors and images

High productivity due to seamless change from one color to the next

Consistent quality of product due to computer controlled process

Non-contact printing leads to consistent print quality


Commercialization Advantages:
Value Added Benefits Across the Supply Chain


Most natural look

Unlimited color choice

Enhanced comfort

True colors

Added convenience for regular/fashion use


Reduced chair time

Exact match replacement lens

Customer retention and expansion

Easy customization

Added revenue with accessories


Lower Manufacturing cost and higher through put

Significant product differentiation

Global patent protection

Adaptable for new products

Added revenue with accessories

Customer Optometrist Manufacturers
Most natural look Reduced chair time Lower Manufacturing cost and higher through put
Unlimited color choice Exact match replacement lens Significant product differentiation
Enhanced comfort Customer retention and expansion Global patent protection
True colors Easy customization Adaptable for new products
Added convenience for regular/fashion use Added revenue with accessories Added revenue with accessories

Commericialization Advantages: Mass Customization

Our innovative technology also allows for a level of “mass customization” previously unheard of.  With the flexibility of drop on demand features, manufacturers can mix and match colors and/or patterns within the same printing batch with no added cost. This can lead to packaging multiple colors within the same box, providing a cost-effective way to deliver unique, customizable product offerings to each customer.

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