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Leo Lens uses its proprietary MediPrint™ process for contact lenses that provide continuous drug delivery

Leo Lens has a proprietary printing technology and ink that allows for the sustained, continuous release of ophthalmic drugs via contact lenses – called the MediPrint™ process. This process yields a new method for treating glaucoma, other eye diseases, and allergies with a non-invasive, cost effective treatment. Drug delivery via a contact lens could have many benefits including improved bioavailability, better patient compliance, and reduced side effects. Further, the innovative MediPrint™ solution mitigates regulatory risks, works seamlessly with existing manufacturing processes, and offers eye care professionals a new treatment method. The value added benefits across the supply chain of manufacturers, eye care professionals, and patients would make it a first line choice for treatment.

While eye drops have been around for over 40 years and remain the standard of care for over 90% of patients, they have only around a 50% compliance rate. There is a large unmet need for a better non-invasive treatment option. Leo Lens is currently focused on advancing its lead asset, a unique and complete glaucoma treatment, to the clinic while continuing to build out its product pipeline.


The ProblemThe Leo Lens Solution

Current glaucoma treatment methods are ineffective or invasive and expensive

    • 90% of drug delivery by eye drops

      • Eye drops are simple to apply but:
        • Poor compliance (~50%)
        • Low bioavailability
        • Side effects
    • 10% use implants, inserts, or plugs

      • Effective but invasive and expensive
      • Not easy to remove or change prescription

Leads millions to suffer from disease progression and thousands to suffer from preventable loss of sight

Global Glaucoma Market = 70 Million Patients
$6B /Annum
Over 50 years of research and still no commercial solution for treatment via contact lenses.

Helping Protect Sight

Novel Approach + Enabling MediPrint™ Technology = Commercial Product

Use FDA Approved Materials

Leverage Existing Lens Manufacturing


Therapeutic Lens with Sustained Drug Delivery

Product Pipeline


Lenses showed sustained release of more than 7 days during in vivo studies.

Concept level clinical evaluation with patients is the next step.

Dry Eye

In-vivo sustained release for 7 days


In-vitro sustained release for 10 days

Multiple Drugs

Allergy & Comfort Enhancement

In-vitro sustained release from the same lens for 7 days

Value Added BenefitsCompetitive Advantages

MediPrint™ Value Added Benefits


Low cost/simple to use

Higher bioavailability

Better compliance

Reduced side effects

Comprehensive solution



Low risk, non-invasive treatment

Better patient outcome

Predictable treatment plan

Fewer complications due to reduced side effects

Customized prescription

Reduced cost of medical treatment / Reduced hospitalization


Low cost / high-quality products

Low capital investment

Reduced regulatory complexities

Patent protection

First in the market

Pipeline for multiple products

Patients Clinicians Manufacturers
Low cost / simple to use Low risk, non-invasive treatment Low cost / high quality products
Higher bioavailability Better patient outcome Low capital investment
Better compliance Predictable treatment plan Reduced regulatory complexities
Reduced side effects Fewer complications due to reduced side effects Patent protection
Comprehensive solution Customized prescription First in the market
Non-invasive Reduced cost for medical treatment / Reduced hospitalization Pipeline for multiple products

Competitive Advantages

Factor Rationale Eye Drops Injection/ Implants MediPrint™ Contact Lens
Eye Care Professional Who can prescribe to patients MD/OD MD OD/MD
Bioavailability for at least 7 days Continuous delivery. Can avoid fluctuations in IOP for Glaucoma patients
Low Manufacturing Cost Manufacturers require acceptable gross margins to participate in this space
High Level of Patient Compliance Better patient outcomes from improved compliance
Easy to Insert and Remove Non-invasive treatment that is safe and low-cost
Can Deliver Multiple Drugs Customized treatment for patients. Provide lens comfort and treat multiple diseases simultaneously
Expedited Regulatory Pathway 505(b)(2)

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